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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Within the last 24 hours a spammer under the user name "TraineoBot" used traineo to send ads for an herbal supplement to most of our users. We're deeply sorry for this intrusion and have disabled the user's account. We're also working quickly to prevent spammers from doing this again.

We know that the spammer caused a lot of you to get frustrated with the site and want to cancel. Currently, there is no easy way to delete your account - something else we're working on adding ASAP. In the mean time, if you want your account deleted, please email us at hello@traineo.com with your username and/or traineo email address.

Sorry, traineo members, for the spam you received. We're putting measures into place so that it will never happen again, by detecting spam before it reaches you and including a setting your profile to not get emailed traineo messages.

Thank You,
The traineo Team