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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here's what's new:

  • Fixed the IE 7 login bug
  • Fixed the zoom graph functionality. You can now see all 3 graphs together again
  • Last logged weight shows correctly. There was some funkiness with this sometimes showing your current weight.
  • Users now have their own comments highlighted on their profile.
  • The biggest one: Users can now delete their own accounts. Here's what happens when you delete your account:
    • Your profile is no longer visible
    • You will no longer receive messages or motivator reports
    • You will no longer show up in listings of users
    • You will no longer be able to log in
    • Your comments will still appear (but your photo won't)
    • Your forum postings will still appear (but your photo won't)
    • The forum topics you've created will still appear
Thanks everyone, and happy new year!


David Garcia said...

I'm using FF 3 on Vista. I'm logged into the traineo site.

Here are some issues I spotted using the web site today:

The traineo feedback link doesn't seem to be working. It changes its text to Close Windows when it is clicked, but no feedback window appears.

The favicon.ico is a blank file.

Keep up the awesome work on the site! Your design really inspires me (I'm a web developer too)

Daniel Higginbotham said...

Thanks for the feedback David! Also, it's really flattering that our design inspires you :)

Richard said...

Has anybody mentioned the issue regarding adding motivators?

I haven't had any luck so far adding motivators after receiving a motivator request. If I go to my friend's traino page and approve the request, my list of people whom I motivate is still empty.

Daniel Higginbotham said...

Hi Richard,

No one has mentioned that problem. We'll look into it. Thanks for reporting it!

Daniel Higginbotham said...

Hi Richard,

I wasn't able to duplicate the problem you had. If you could please let me know your username or traineo email address it will help me diagnose the problem. You can send them to hello@traineo.com.


Drac0 said...

There's a bug in the Activities graph.

If you add an activity and for what ever reason you delete it, the graph still shows the combined total values any other activities, plus the deleted activity.

Recreation Example:
Add walking activity w/ 300 cals burned.
Delete walking activity w/ 300 cals burned.
Add walking activity w/ 200 cals burned.
Look at the graph, the peak will tell you that you've burned 500 cals. If you hover your mouse over the dot on the graph, it will show the right activities, but the total in the bubble is also wrong.

Working example of this bug:
Please see my activity graph at http://drac0.tranieo.com
On both Jan. 10, 2009 and Jan. 21, 2009 I entered wrong values, deleted them, entered the correct values but the totals on the graph show the sum of the correct values plus the deleted values.

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