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Monday, February 16, 2009

New Motivatee and Motivator Pages

If you look at the top of the page you'll notice a new "Motivation" dropdown. Under it are two new pages, "Motivatees" and "Motivators".

The Motivatees page will show you a summary of your motivatees' activity. It also has links to message them and to stop motivating them (which hopefully you won't have to do that often!). Finally, there's a "Awaiting Confirmation to Become Your Motivatee" tab where you can see all the people who have asked you to motivate them. From there you can easily confirm their requests. Over the next few weeks we plan on adding a few more features to this page so you can keep better track of your motivatees.

The Motivators page shows your motivators and how many times they've messaged you. In the future we plan on adding a bit more info so you can see if your motivator is doing a good job On this page you can also remove your motivators and see who hasn't responded to your motivator requests.

These changes should make it a lot easier to manage your motivator/motivatee requests and to see how your motivatees are doing.

What do you think of the changes?


Zena zzfa_m@yahoo.com.au said...

Hi David,

Sorry to post up this message here but I'm a member on the site and somethings happened to my password. When I click on the reset password, the link that comes in my email does not work!!

Can you please look into it? I want to post but don't want to create another username either!!

Samantha G said...

hey i've been having trouble with this feature. i've confirmed two new motivees numerous times but although i'm their motivator, they're also still sitting in the 'awaiting confirmation' section!

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