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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Feature: Favorite Quotes

We've noticed some awesome quotes in the forums. If you don't remember to write them down, though, it's easy to forget the exact quotes and where you found them. That got us thinking - "Wouldn't it be great if traineo members could easily share their favorite quotes in one place and find new ones?" Well...

Introducing the new Favorite Quotes Feature

Check our favorite quotes yourself: view everyone's favorite quotes.

From there, you can do the following:

  • Add a quote of your own
  • Save quotes to your favorites
  • Talk about the quote

    You can also view just your own favorite quotes.

  • We hope you all like this feature. If we get good feedback we'll continue working on it (by adding search, for example) and add more "favorite things".

    Here's how you navigate to "Community Favorite quotes":

    Here's how you navigate to "My Favorite Quotes":

    Personally, I love quotes. In fact, I've been keeping a quote book for a couple years now so I don't forget the ones that really inspire or motivate me, or are just funny :) . I'm really excited to find some new quotes from the ones you all add!



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