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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New forum and community features

Hi Guys,

We've been working hard on updates based on your great feedback and released some fresh features late last night.

Our main focus for this update are the forums and community where we've seen tremendous growth over the past few months. Many of you have told us how important the forums are for your motivation and support - we hope we've made things even more useful so you'll find traineo an even more valuable resource to help you towards your goals.

Here are the new things you'll find when you login:

Forum Search

This was a big feature request from the community that we're very happy to finally be able to offer. It's simple, just search and you'll find a list of the topics based on the relevancy of your search keywords.

Improved Navigation

With so many new posts coming into the forum we've focused on improving the overall navigation in the main forum index and within each sub-category. You'll see a few things such as links directly to each category. This should help you browse the categories of your choice from the main index.

Topic Bookmarking

We had some great feedback from users who wanted some way to bookmark or track the topics they want to follow more efficiently. In addition to the email notifications you are now able to bookmark any thread by simply clicking the star on the left hand side of the index screen. This is similar to Gmail where you can jump to your bookmark list simply by clicking the starred tab at the top of the forum index pages.

Ask a Question

We've added a new feature to allow you to contribute and share valuable information in the forums in a slightly different way. Now you can 'Ask a Question' as well as post a new topic. Clicking on this will flag the thread as a question in the index navigation and within the thread itself replies to the question will have a simple voting mechanism so the community can vote on each response.

Groups Update

traineo Groups have now been updated with a simple makeover to make them more functional for their main purpose which is to allow users to share information about a particular interest or sub-community. Inside the groups you'll now find the same updated forum features and a more efficient layout for posting and sharing information.

We hope you all enjoy these updates and please give us feedback on them. As always we'd love to get any new ideas and suggestions so please let us know your thoughts.