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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best Exercises to Burn Fat

Your goal is to burn fat, and you know you've got to hit the cardio hard to accomplish that. If your eyes cross every time you hear the word treadmill, then this information is for you. A good cardiovascular, fat-burning workout can be found in some surprising and refreshing places.

Tired of your old, boring workout routine and desperately in need of a new and exciting one? Then try these five exercises that burn calories like it is going out of fashion!

1. Swimming Workouts are a fun and enjoyable activity for almost anyone and burns up to 700 calories per hour. These are also low-impact, so a perfect way to stay active if you've recently had an injury.

2. Running stairs adds a twist to a cardio routine and burns up to 700 calories per. The stairs in your apartment, home, deck, office or public library will do the trick, no gym membership necessary.

3. Boxing is a great total body exercise and burns around 900 calories per hour. Taking a boxing lesson is an awesome inspiration.

4. Snow skiing or snowboarding burn 600 to 700 calories per hour, depending on your weight. If location and expense aren't prohibitive, it's a perfect way to spend your winter outdoors, instead of hibernating.

5. Running can be rough on the joints, it is by far the best fat burning exercise for the body. Running burns up to 1,000 calories per hour, depending on how fast and far you are running. Do this on an outdoor trail to make the scenery more engaging.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

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