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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Enhancements - traineoPLUS with Calorie Counting

Hi Everyone,

We hope you're enjoying a great start to the summer! It's a great time to kick-start your health and fitness program so we're proud to announce some exciting enhancements to help get you going!

We've been working hard to build a tool and service that provides help and support for your weight loss goals - the latest improvements have been designed by our weight loss experts and we're confident they'll provide a valuable platform for your weight loss goals.

Calorie Counting with traineo - NEW "Calorie" Tab

It's clinically proven that counting the calories you consume as part of weight loss regimen increases your chances of reaching your desired weight goal. We've taken this principal and integrated it into our new traineoPLUS service. With the traineoPLUS calorie counter we'll take the guess work out of calorie counting, budget calculations, and the complete puzzle of how much should I eat and how much do I need to exercise.

Upgrade your account with a completely free trial and in the new Calorie tab you'll see your Calorie Budget target for the day. This is based on your weight loss target and is scientifically calculated based on your gender, age, and height.

traineoPLUS Half Price Special Offer (including Free 14 Day Trial)

Sign-up for any traineoPLUS annual or semi-annual subscription term between May 25 and June 15th and receive a instant half price complete subscription! Sign-up now for a completely free 14 Day Trial as an upgrade from your regular traineo.com account.

Please use the coupon code "SUMMERFIT" during your upgrade to claim this special offer.

It's a great opportunity to get all of the traineoPLUS tools at an incredibly low price. E.g. An annual subscription at half price is equivalent to less than $2.50 per month.Your price will automatically be adjusted before you are billed.

Make the commitment to improve your life and upgrade to a free 14-day trial via your traineo.com account now.